Offa’s Dinar

In the middle of semester, there's not much time to keep on top of Merovingianworld. But in the meantime here is a nice short blogpost by someone else, featuring lovely pictures of Offa's dinar: I remember once googling for an image of this coin and finding a great conspiracy website about how Offa had… Continue reading Offa’s Dinar

Charlemagne Fun for 2013/14

Dame Jinty Nelson is going to be giving a lecture, 'Charlemagne and Europe', in London on Tuesday 12th November (details here). The next few months should see a significant outpouring of Charlem agne-related things in time for the 1200th anniverary of his death in January 814. Johannes Fried and Stefan Weinfurter both have new biographies… Continue reading Charlemagne Fun for 2013/14

Discovered: Gateway to the Vikings

The Danevirke was one of the most impressive fortifications of the early Middle Ages, running 19 miles through modern Schleswig-Holstein. The Royal Frankish Annals record its improvement at the order of King Godefrid of Denmark in 808, but archaeological digs have shown it to be much older than that. Now a team led by Astrid… Continue reading Discovered: Gateway to the Vikings

Polemics and Poitiers

The last couple of years have seen an unsurprising resurgence in attacks on any ‘politically correct’ view of the early Middle Ages which affords Islam a positive role. Emmet Scott’s Mohammad and Charlemagne Revisited (2012) has proved rather popular in conservative circles, because it has restated the Pirenne Thesis in a way which makes Islam… Continue reading Polemics and Poitiers