Spoons with Runes

If you're interested in the kinds of things which appear on this blog, then you'll definitely be interested in this story from "Medieval Histories": http://www.medievalhistories.com/merovingian-silver-spoon-with-runes/ In brief, digs at Ichtratzheim, near Strasbourg, have unearthed a series of graves, and one of the earliest - from the late sixth century - has a lovely silver spoon… Continue reading Spoons with Runes

Which Vikings?

Vikings: blood-thirsty warriors or misunderstood traders? Life is a complicated thing and of course there is plenty of room for Vikings to have been both. Still, a new exhibition at the British Museum has provoked some good counter-revisionist fun which serves as a timely reminder of the political dangers the past can pose. The opinions… Continue reading Which Vikings?

The Challenge of World History

"It would not be difficult to argue that we should be better off if we could scrap our histories of Europe and free our minds from their myopic concentration on the West… The questions we have to ask have changed." So wrote Geoffrey Barraclough in the TLS in 1956 in a statement which seems as… Continue reading The Challenge of World History