Isidore, Burckhardt and Brown (Guest Blog by David Ganz)

In a fine article on Burckhardt's Cultural History of the Greeks, Glen Bowersock pointed out how so many of Burckhardt's insights into Late Antiquity, and among the comments in his magnificent Lectures on the Study of History, are also to be found in the works of Peter Brown.[1] Both of them scholars of prodigious erudition,… Continue reading Isidore, Burckhardt and Brown (Guest Blog by David Ganz)

Fixed? Welby, Francis and the Easter Date

On Saturday, news spread that the Most Rev Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury, was in discussions ‘to fix the date of Easter’. This followed comments last June by Pope Francis that it was time for different churches to come to an agreement and observe a common Easter. For Francis, talk of a common Easter meant… Continue reading Fixed? Welby, Francis and the Easter Date

Warntjes on Early Medieval Science

Anyone following this blog will know that I keep coming back to the subject of early medieval science and computus, and the groundbreaking recent work of Immo Warntjes in particular. Immo gave a fascinating lecture on this subject in Dublin in December 2015 which is now available on youtube, so I thought I would share:

Medieval Apocalypse, Open Access

A little reminder that there are a couple of things on early medieval apocalypse by me available for free online. First up, there is chapter three of Apocalypse in the Early Middle Ages (Cambridge, 2014) here - a wide-ranging chapter which covers Columbanus, Isidore of Seville, Julian of Toledo, Bede, and even the transmission of… Continue reading Medieval Apocalypse, Open Access

Freak Weather (Climates of Crisis 1)

The weather outside is frightful. Severe and repeated flooding in northern England and Scotland has made this a winter to forget for many, and it is not looking great along the Mississippi either. We have all read several times over that this is the consequence of man-made global warming, short-sighted environmental policies, the strongest El… Continue reading Freak Weather (Climates of Crisis 1)