The Isles and Europe

In the wake of EU referendum result, Wilhelm Levison’s England and the Continent in the Eighth Century (1946) keeps coming to mind. In the preface to that work, he wrote: ‘May these pages, in their small way, contribute to join again broken links.’ The challenges for Europe then – in 1943 when he delivered the… Continue reading The Isles and Europe

Medievalists Should Talk About Game of Thrones

Should the fact that Game of Thrones is not set in the Middle Ages in a specific historical way stop medievalists talking about it? In a blog post yesterday, Philippa Byrne argued that, if medievalists do, they run the risk of making medieval history "'ornamental', relegating it to the status of fantasy". Talking about whether… Continue reading Medievalists Should Talk About Game of Thrones

Frankish? Irish? Other? The Problem with Labels

How and why do you label an idea as belonging to a particular culture? I have been looking at a ninth-century collection of materials on history, calendars and the Easter reckoning which highlights the difficulties in answering this question. The collection (Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, H 150 inf) is known as the ‘Bobbio Computus’ [1] because… Continue reading Frankish? Irish? Other? The Problem with Labels