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++ Postponed due to Coronavirus ++

A conference on premodern cultures of understanding the natural world to be held at the School of History, University of St Andrews, 20-21 March 2020. There are a limited number of places available to attend the event: if you are interested, please contact Prof James Palmer by 13 March 2020.


FRIDAY 20 March

Processes & Organisations

Claire BURRIDGE: “Miscellaneous Medical Knowledge: Organisational Strategies in Early Medieval Manuscripts”

Divna MANOLOVA: “Space, Place, Diagram: Depicting Eratosthenes’ Measuring Procedure in Late Byzantium”

Fantastic Creatures

Xavier DECTOT: “How to File a Unicorn? A Comparative Approach to European and Western Asian Thirteenth Century Taxonomy”

Adrienn OROSZ: “The Place of the Piri Reis Map in the Tradition: Bes as the Source of Inspiration of the Medieval Headless Men”

The Modern Politics of Medieval Sciences

Seb FALK: “The Light Ages? Communicating Complexity of Medieval Science”

Rob HOUGHTON: “c. 23% Science: The Trouble with Tech Trees in Digital Games”


Cultures of Science

Jo EDGE: “‘Superstitious and Baneful Modes of Divination’: Explaining and Condemning the Divinatory Arts in Medieval Thought”

Kathryn HALEY-HALINSKI: “Birds Between Borders: The Anonymous Þulur and the Physiologus

James T PALMER: “Worlds Apart? The Cultural Dynamics of Astronomy under the Carolingians and the Tang (ca 700- ca 850)”

Roundtable: Where Next for Pre-Modern Natures?

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