The Late Antique Little Ice Age Revisited (Climates of Crisis 2)

Much excitement: Late Antique climate change has been in the news this week! The evidence being put together by Ulf Büntgen and the Euro-Med2k Working Group about Europe's changing climate is creating a fantastic resource for understanding better the relationship between climate and the course of history. Some of their conclusions are terrifying, particularly that… Continue reading The Late Antique Little Ice Age Revisited (Climates of Crisis 2)

Freak Weather (Climates of Crisis 1)

The weather outside is frightful. Severe and repeated flooding in northern England and Scotland has made this a winter to forget for many, and it is not looking great along the Mississippi either. We have all read several times over that this is the consequence of man-made global warming, short-sighted environmental policies, the strongest El… Continue reading Freak Weather (Climates of Crisis 1)

Climates of Crisis!

The climate changes. How does that affect societies? We may be facing unprecedented global warming but the past can still help us to frame and understand the relationship between environmental change and history. There is a growing scholarship on this and has been since Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie started exploring the subject in the 1950s… Continue reading Climates of Crisis!