Merovingian Dates and the Formulary of Angers (or Not)

Putting dates to events in the Merovingian period can be a pain. AD-dates were not popularly used until well into the eighth century. What we have instead are infrequent references to years from the Passion of Christ, years from the beginning of the world, years according to the Easter table of Victorius of Aquitaine (Year… Continue reading Merovingian Dates and the Formulary of Angers (or Not)

Charlemagne’s Death Day

Charlemagne died 1200 years ago yesterday. Despite the great emperor lacking ‘brand recognition’ (apparently – although he was mentioned in Dr Who) people got excited. Some of these people were in Aachen, which made sense because that’s where he is buried. Some of them were in Frankfurt, where there was singing but no emperor. In… Continue reading Charlemagne’s Death Day

Alice Rio (KCL) on Penal Slavery

What was penal slavery for in the Middle Ages? Dr Alice Rio came up from KCL yesterday, through the snow, to St Andrews to our rather bustly Monday research seminar to talk about precisely this. It is a 'neglected topic' so there is not a lot of historiography to fight against here, bar the odd… Continue reading Alice Rio (KCL) on Penal Slavery