The Isles and Europe

In the wake of EU referendum result, Wilhelm Levison’s England and the Continent in the Eighth Century (1946) keeps coming to mind. In the preface to that work, he wrote: ‘May these pages, in their small way, contribute to join again broken links.’ The challenges for Europe then – in 1943 when he delivered the… Continue reading The Isles and Europe

Bonifatii et Lulli Epistolae Project, Toronto

Back in 2011, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at a workshop in Toronto which was intended to launch a magisterial new edition of the letters of Boniface, co-ordinated by Andy Orchard and Alain Stoclet. Yesterday, a blogsite for the project went live, promising information and podcasts from that workshop, and further… Continue reading Bonifatii et Lulli Epistolae Project, Toronto