Merovingian Things 1: The Fredegar Manuscript

One of my ambitions for 2019 is to make some serious progress with a new project provisionally entitled Merovingian Worlds. And, I thought, a good way to make some progress would be have a semi-regular feature on Merovingian ‘things’. Books, jewellery, charters, relics – whatever. A good place to start, my thoughts continued, would be… Continue reading Merovingian Things 1: The Fredegar Manuscript

Merovingian Dates and the Formulary of Angers (or Not)

Putting dates to events in the Merovingian period can be a pain. AD-dates were not popularly used until well into the eighth century. What we have instead are infrequent references to years from the Passion of Christ, years from the beginning of the world, years according to the Easter table of Victorius of Aquitaine (Year… Continue reading Merovingian Dates and the Formulary of Angers (or Not)

King and Mayor, 699 (Fun with Merovingian Dates 2)

It is important to go and look at medieval manuscripts. Charles West reminded us about this yesterday in a blog post about his new project, ‘Turbulent Priests’. He had been in Brussels examining an twelfth-century manuscript of a text based on Pseudo-Isidore, and he had been struck by the marginal notices which had never really… Continue reading King and Mayor, 699 (Fun with Merovingian Dates 2)