Was There ‘Scientific Method’ in the Early Middle Ages?

Was there ‘scientific method’ in the early Middle Ages? This was a question posed on Twitter yesterday. It is a good question. I am also going to give a paper that addresses this at the University of Kent next week so it is hard for me to compress quite what I want to say into… Continue reading Was There ‘Scientific Method’ in the Early Middle Ages?

On ‘Progress’ in Early Medieval Science

Did the “Christian Dark Ages” suppress scientific knowledge and does it matter? You can find some great graphs on the internet that suggest so. Some even suggest that Europe managed to hit 0% science. You can imagine the argument without reading anything: people in the Middle Ages – all of them – made no technological… Continue reading On ‘Progress’ in Early Medieval Science

Learning in the Dark Ages

Dr Helen Foxhall Forbes (Durham) visited SAIMS yesterday to deliver a lecture on “Becoming a Scholar in the Early Middle Ages: Learning, Teaching and Writing”. It is typical of academics to be interested in other academics, she noted at the outset, but the subject is more important than that. Modern study of early medieval education… Continue reading Learning in the Dark Ages