Merovingian Dates and the Formulary of Angers (or Not)

Putting dates to events in the Merovingian period can be a pain. AD-dates were not popularly used until well into the eighth century. What we have instead are infrequent references to years from the Passion of Christ, years from the beginning of the world, years according to the Easter table of Victorius of Aquitaine (Year… Continue reading Merovingian Dates and the Formulary of Angers (or Not)

Me Talking About Medieval ‘Science (& Belief)’

Yesterday I gave a short talk about my new project to the Late Antique Work In Progress seminar in the School of Classics at St Andrews. You can hear me burbling here: The two manuscripts I discuss are both available online if you want to play along: Bamberg, Msc.Patr. 61. Bern, MS 611. Some good… Continue reading Me Talking About Medieval ‘Science (& Belief)’

What’s Wrong with Merovingian Medicine?

Merovingian Gaul – Gaul after the ‘Fall of Rome’ – was terrible. All that anarchy and violence and illiteracy and moral decline. Just read Gregory of Tours’ Histories. Sadly for some people, most historians of the Merovingian period don’t really buy into that any more. They even think Gregory was a sophisticated writer, or they… Continue reading What’s Wrong with Merovingian Medicine?

The Merovingian Kingdoms in Mediterranean Perspective (by David Ganz)

In December 2014 a conference was held in Berlin, called 'East and West in the Early Middle Ages: The Merovingian Kingdoms in Mediterranean Perspective'. This guest post, kindly supplied by leading early medieval palaeographer David Ganz, provides an overview of the topics discussed at the event. With many of the current leading figures in Merovingian… Continue reading The Merovingian Kingdoms in Mediterranean Perspective (by David Ganz)

Teaching Power and Identity After Rome

The town is bustling; there are new faces everywhere. It is the beginning of semester in St Andrews – a good time to reflect on what it is I’m actually trying to teach my students. Medievalists are often haunted at least a little by the ghost of ‘relevance’. Guy Halsall at York was more than… Continue reading Teaching Power and Identity After Rome

Converting the Isles: Merovingian Podcast

It was a great pleasure to be part of a stimulating and successful conference last week on 'The Isles and the Wider World', as part of the Leverhulme 'Converting the Isles' Network. I will post a full write-up soon, but in the meantime you can listen to me talking about 'Martyrdom and the Rise of… Continue reading Converting the Isles: Merovingian Podcast