Open Access: The Global Eminent Life

Today marks the release of the latest volume of Medieval Worlds - the excellent, open-access journal launched in 2015 by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The journal's mission is to provide a forum for 'comparative, interdisciplinary and transcultural studies of the Middle Ages', and 'to overcome disciplinary boundaries, regional limits and national research traditions in… Continue reading Open Access: The Global Eminent Life

Why Conversion Histories Matter

Just before Christmas, a new volume of essays was published on conversion in the early Middle Ages. The subject is an old one and a good one. Moreover, it is timely. Stories about conversion are not what everyone considers crucial about the Middle Ages. Indeed, I was once commissioned to write a short piece on… Continue reading Why Conversion Histories Matter

Isidore, Burckhardt and Brown (Guest Blog by David Ganz)

In a fine article on Burckhardt's Cultural History of the Greeks, Glen Bowersock pointed out how so many of Burckhardt's insights into Late Antiquity, and among the comments in his magnificent Lectures on the Study of History, are also to be found in the works of Peter Brown.[1] Both of them scholars of prodigious erudition,… Continue reading Isidore, Burckhardt and Brown (Guest Blog by David Ganz)

A Review of Peter Brown’s ‘Ransom of the Soul’ (2015)

Last summer, I reported a nice little chat I had had with the great Peter Brown about medieval futures. Now Brown’s new book has been out for a little bit, I thought I would share my review of what will no doubt turn out to be another important contribution to our understanding of late Antiquity.… Continue reading A Review of Peter Brown’s ‘Ransom of the Soul’ (2015)

Early Medieval Futures

Yesterday I met THE Peter Brown. He was receiving an honorary degree from the University of St Andrews because he is quite simply one of the greatest historians of the last forty years. (The degree was bestowed on him by Sir Menzies Campbell and the other honorand was Lyse Doucet, the BBC’s chief international correspondent… Continue reading Early Medieval Futures

New Directions for 2014

Happy New Year! 2014 is already shaping up to a big year for history, with anniversaries for Charlemagne, Bannockburn, WWI and – although you’ll probably miss it – the Edict of Paris (614 ‘Magna Carta for the French aristocracy’, y’know). And next year it will be Columbanus Year! So much fun. Anyway, I thought I’d… Continue reading New Directions for 2014

The Seventh Century – colloquium in Edinburgh, 28-29 May 2013

The Dome

Across the water in Edinburgh, the postgraduates have decided to hold an unusual postgraduate conference on the Seventh Century next year. Full details here. To break the mould, and to get people talking in a way which might actually be beneficial and interdisciplinary, there will be more of a sense of collaboration than at many… Continue reading The Seventh Century – colloquium in Edinburgh, 28-29 May 2013