Merovingian Coin in the News

Read about it here!: The coin is a gold solidus struck in imitation of a coin of Emperor Maurice's reign (582-602). It is 'rare', as the article states, but also there is enough evidence to suggest that the minting of imitation gold coins was a relatively common practice in the Frankish kingdoms up until… Continue reading Merovingian Coin in the News

The Seventh Century – colloquium in Edinburgh, 28-29 May 2013

The Dome

Across the water in Edinburgh, the postgraduates have decided to hold an unusual postgraduate conference on the Seventh Century next year. Full details here. To break the mould, and to get people talking in a way which might actually be beneficial and interdisciplinary, there will be more of a sense of collaboration than at many… Continue reading The Seventh Century – colloquium in Edinburgh, 28-29 May 2013