Writing ‘Early Medieval Hagiography’

“How is your book… your novel going?” Angus inquired politely as he sipped at his coffee. “The one about the Scottish saints?” Antonia sighed. “Not very well, I’m afraid. My saints, I regret to say, are misbehaving”. Love over Scotland, Alexander McCall Smith And indeed, for Antonia, they are. They get grumpy and might not… Continue reading Writing ‘Early Medieval Hagiography’

Writing about Holy People, East to West

There is a productive global turn in early medieval studies. The old concerns and many problems still remain. Still, big projects have been pushing western medievalists out of their traditional comfort zones, including Vienna’s Visions of Community, the PIMIC network, and Edinburgh’s forthcoming Classicising Learning in Medieval Imperial Systems. It is important to be attentive… Continue reading Writing about Holy People, East to West

Ways to Win an Argument

Medieval saints are often good at winning arguments. For your entertainment today, I bring you a story about St Fintán (or Munnu) of Taghmon. The story concerns the Easter controversy of the early seventh century, when many in Ireland felt that they should probably observe the same Easter as the rest of the world rather… Continue reading Ways to Win an Argument