Early Medieval Futures

Yesterday I met THE Peter Brown. He was receiving an honorary degree from the University of St Andrews because he is quite simply one of the greatest historians of the last forty years. (The degree was bestowed on him by Sir Menzies Campbell and the other honorand was Lyse Doucet, the BBC’s chief international correspondent… Continue reading Early Medieval Futures

Caesarius of Arles Day: Report

This weekend, Lucy Grig at Edinburgh hosted one of those rare conferences where every paper was a treat, progress was made, and there was a great warm feeling of scholarly solidarity. The World of Caesarius of Arles gathered together an impressive cast list which included Bill Klingshirn, Simon Loseby, Conrad Leyser, Lisa Bailey, Peter Heather… Continue reading Caesarius of Arles Day: Report

Caesarius of Arles and his World (15th-16th March ’13)

Ah, Caesarius of Arles (d. 542). He had the distinction of being prominent in the south of what is now France just at the point when Alaric II's Visigothic kingdom was obliterated by Clovis, then when Theoderic the Great took it back, and then when the Franks took it over again when the Goths in… Continue reading Caesarius of Arles and his World (15th-16th March ’13)