Ah, Caesarius of Arles (d. 542). He had the distinction of being prominent in the south of what is now France just at the point when Alaric II’s Visigothic kingdom was obliterated by Clovis, then when Theoderic the Great took it back, and then when the Franks took it over again when the Goths in Italy had to deal with Justinian. So a ‘short conference’ on his world is probably a Good Thing. It will be in Edinburgh March 2013.

This is the message that went round:

The World of Caesarius of Arles:

A short conference organised by the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh.

Date:  Friday 15th-Saturday 16th March, 2013

The starting point for this conference is the lively and controversial figure of Caesarius, bishop of Arles from 502-542. Both Caesarius and the time in which he lived have been seen as emblematic of the cusp between the ancient and medieval eras. This conference brings together scholars from diverse backgrounds in order to throw light on this fascinating figure, an eventful period of late antique history, and the rich material culture of southern Gaul.

Friday 15th March Opening Lecture, 5pm

William Klingshirn (Catholic University of America): ‘Caesarius of Arles: 1970-2042: retrospect and prospect’

Saturday 16th March Day Conference (9am-6pm)


Lisa Bailey (Auckland): ‘Scripture in the sermons of Caesarius of Arles’

Kate Cooper (Manchester): ‘Caesarius and the late Roman household’

Lucy Grig (Edinburgh): ‘Celebrating the Kalends of January in late antique Gaul’

Peter Heather (KCL): ‘Caesarius, Theodoric and the Papacy’

Edward James (TCD): ‘The self-representation of a bishop: Caesarius of Arles compared to Gregory of Tours’

Simon Loseby (Sheffield): ‘Arles in the time of Caesarius’

There will be a registration fee of £20 (£15 for students), to include a wine reception (Friday), morning coffee, buffet lunch and afternoon tea (Saturday).

To register for the conference please e-mail or write to the conference organiser, Lucy Grig, and send a cheque made out to ‘The University of Edinburgh’ to her at the address below. Please also contact her for additional information or if you wish to join the speakers for the conference dinner:


Dr Lucy Grig


University of Edinburgh

William Robertson Wing

Teviot Place