If you’re interested in the kinds of things which appear on this blog, then you’ll definitely be interested in this story from “Medieval Histories“:


In brief, digs at Ichtratzheim, near Strasbourg, have unearthed a series of graves, and one of the earliest – from the late sixth century – has a lovely silver spoon with the word MATTEVS (= the Evangelist?) and two runic words, ‘lapela’ (= spoon) and ‘abuda’ (probably a personal name). It provides a useful indication that some Franks did not abandon the use of runes as they moved south. Archaeologists and historians can now begin the age old debate about what such spoons might actually ‘mean’ (see also the baptismal spoons from Sutton Hoo).

It might not be quite as exciting as the discovery of a ‘king’s village’ near Sutton Hoo, which hit the news last week in time for a new exhibition at the Sutton Hoo visitors centre near Woodbridge in East Anglia. Still – I assure you, it is very exciting.