Dame Jinty Nelson is going to be giving a lecture, ‘Charlemagne and Europe’, in London on Tuesday 12th November (details here).

The next few months should see a significant outpouring of Charlem

Fried's Karl der Grosse (2013).
Fried’s Karl der Grosse (2013).

agne-related things in time for the 1200th anniverary of his death in January 814. Johannes Fried and Stefan Weinfurter both have new biographies out, Jinty herself has one forthcoming, and Jenny Davis also has an important study of his reign on the way.  There will be an exhibition in Aachen and one in London and no doubt there will be academic conferences too. (He also features prominently in my next book, which might see the light of day next year as well).

But after that we might have to agree a moratorium on Charlemagne studies.