Apocalypse Cover!

The Apocalypse in the Early Middle Ages is nearing completion! There is now a sleek, no-nonsense cover featuring Judgement Day from the Bamberg Apocalypse (see below). Final proofs are due next week and the CUP website seems to be suggesting publication in November… which might also be when Bede and the Future sees the light of day.

In related news, my essay ‘Apocalyptic Outsiders and their Uses in the Early Medieval West’, in a volume called Voelker der Endzeit, is also now promised for early 2015 – probably around the time that its cousin, ‘Perceptions of Non-Christians in the Early Middle Ages’, appears in Studies in Church History vol 51. And that’s all before we get to the apocalypse extravaganza I’ve been planning for the Leeds International Medieval Congress in 2015 in collaboration with Matt GabrieleFelicitas Schmieder and Anke Holdenried. Busy busy…