The Late Antique Little Ice Age Revisited (Climates of Crisis 2)

Much excitement: Late Antique climate change has been in the news this week! The evidence being put together by Ulf Büntgen and the Euro-Med2k Working Group about Europe's changing climate is creating a fantastic resource for understanding better the relationship between climate and the course of history. Some of their conclusions are terrifying, particularly that… Continue reading The Late Antique Little Ice Age Revisited (Climates of Crisis 2)

Apocalypse Cover!

The Apocalypse in the Early Middle Ages is nearing completion! There is now a sleek, no-nonsense cover featuring Judgement Day from the Bamberg Apocalypse (see below). Final proofs are due next week and the CUP website seems to be suggesting publication in November... which might also be when Bede and the Future sees the light of… Continue reading Apocalypse Cover!

Early Medieval Science in Galway: The Report

I’ve posted a couple of times about the 2014 International Conference on the Science of Computus. It took place this last weekend and was every bit as strong and stimulating as I’d hoped. (I also tweeted highlights as it unfolded). Computus is not mainstream, I think it’s fair to say. It is not ‘Kings! Power!… Continue reading Early Medieval Science in Galway: The Report

On Palaeography

In Cambridge, at the end of last week, there was a smallish conference on Caroline minuscule, organised by a new network launched by two students of Rosamond McKitterick’s. It is now 23 years since the great Bernhard Bischoff, the undisputed master of early medieval palaeography, died after a long and distinguished career, and his influence… Continue reading On Palaeography

Time-Reckoning and Science: The Fifth Galway Conference

Every two years since 2006, the National University of Ireland in Galway has hosted a big international conference dedicated to 'computistical science' in the Middle Ages. (Usually supported by IBM, believe it or not). The line-up for this year's conference has just been announced - in full below - and, quite frankly, it looks just… Continue reading Time-Reckoning and Science: The Fifth Galway Conference

Interview with Me/ Open Access

"Networks and Neighbours" is an open-access peer-reviewed journal of early medieval studies, which was set up last year by some of Ian Wood's enterprising PhD students - Tim Barnwell, Ricky Broome, Jason Berg and Michael Kelly. In their day jobs, they do exciting stuff on 'otherness' in sources such as Aethicus Ister's Cosmography, hagiographies of… Continue reading Interview with Me/ Open Access

Converting the Isles: Conference Report

Roy Flechner and Máire Ní Mhaonaigh have been co-ordinating a research network, ‘Converting the Isles’, most recently funded by the Leverhulme Trust. They rightly stress the importance of ‘conversion’ in Europe history: Conversion to Christianity is arguably the most revolutionary social and cultural change that Europe experienced in late-antiquity and the early middle ages. Christianisation… Continue reading Converting the Isles: Conference Report

Converting the Isles: Merovingian Podcast

It was a great pleasure to be part of a stimulating and successful conference last week on 'The Isles and the Wider World', as part of the Leverhulme 'Converting the Isles' Network. I will post a full write-up soon, but in the meantime you can listen to me talking about 'Martyrdom and the Rise of… Continue reading Converting the Isles: Merovingian Podcast

New Book on St Wilfrid

Back in 2009, it was the 1300th anniversary of the death of St Wilfrid. Or the 1299th. But still. There were two conferences held, one in Manchester and one York, and the combined proceedings are now out as N. J. Higham (ed.), Wilfrid: Abbot, Bishop, Saint (Donington, 2013). It is available direct from Shaun Tyas.… Continue reading New Book on St Wilfrid